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[IP] basal rates

I'm at my wits end, can anyone give any advice for starting over with basal rates?  It's for my 11 year old.  He has been pumping for a year.  When we started out his basal rates were .4 to .6.  I have trouble with him going low or being in the 400's at night.  If he goes to bed with a number between 150 and 200 and his basal's are set at .4 to .5 he's ok. But if he's a little higher than that when he goes to bed he'll be in the 400's.  He use's a disetronic and we have it set at .2 increments instead of .5.  He is very sensitive to humalog at night.  My husband and I take turns getting up every 2 hours but it's wearing us down.  I need to just start all over but need some advice on how to do it.  thanks for any help.   terri