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[IP] re bad sites,hellllp

Remind yourself and your endo. that A1cs often go up after pumping, due to 
less lows.   Our first one did go up. You can't live in fear of that endo. 
and your son's A1c - that is no way to pump.  It is hard enough without that 
hanging over your head and you'll for sure send a stressful message, tho 
unintended, to your son.   You'll always have periods of irratic numbers from 
time to time - that is diabetes and no matter how great the pump is - it 
can't get rid of the unpredictible aspects of this disease.  Maybe you need 
to find a different endo., with a supportive CDE you'll feel fine about 
calling for advice, as it should be.  Best of luck. Holly
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