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Re: [IP] All our infusion sites have gone bad - HELPPPPPP!

when geneva started pumping, she had the same problem.  sites lasted no more
than two days.

we tried what many others have tried on this list (and are successful)...a
mix of Velosulin and Humalog.

go into the archives and do a search on these words and you will find many ,
many posts about it.

geneva uses a mixture of:

30 units Velosulin  (which is a regular, buffered insulin by NOVO NORDISK
and has been used in pumps for years)

150 units of Humalog

YMMV...some people use more velosulin

as soon as we started this mix,   her sites go from 3-5 days.

mom to 11 yr. old geneva

> I am SOOOOO frustrated!  When our son's site is working his numbers are
> great, then all of a sudden his numbers are up ( never with ketones ) and
> have to change his site

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