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Re: [IP] All our infusion sites have gone bad - HELPPPPPP!

I have a retorical question - What might it be if the site/insulin really isn't
going bad?

How old is your son?

Do not put a judgement on this statement- I'm not intending it to be!!!!!! Is it
possible that he is helping himself to something to eat and not saying anything
"so he doesn't get (emotionally) punished. - His definition not yours..... Or
simply because he wants something and the pump "makes it OK".....

Sounds like you are fearing being "punished" by the Dr. because it's not working.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

email @ redacted wrote:

> I am SOOOOO frustrated!  When our son's site is working his numbers are
> great, then all of a sudden his numbers are up ( never with ketones ) and we
> have to change his site.  His longest site has lasted two days and I am going
> crazy.  We used the tenders first and now the rapids.  This last site didn't
> even last 24 hours!  The sites have all looked good except for one.  I need
> someone to tell me what to do, I am afraid to tell the doc because he was
> leary of putting a thin young child on the pump to begin with and I don't
> want him to say "forget it".  Please help me FAST!

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