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[IP] Re: Celiac sprue testing

In response to: denise poole <email @ redacted>

I have never heard about celiac sprue being more prevalent in one ethnic
group than another, though one could speculate that a culture which favors
gluten-containing carbs (pasta, bread) would be more likely to exhibit

Testing for celiacs is not a difficult thing. There are blood tests for
antibodies (measured in the levels of gliadin)which can be done at most
labs. If needed, an endoscopy will be ordered, possible with or without
anaesthesia -not fun, but quick and fairly decisive.

Considering the considerable negative effects of untreated celiac disease on
women (bone loss due to calcium leaching) and types 1s (inconsistant
absorption wreaks havoc on bg control), and that you are both, I highly
recommend getting tested without delay.

That's my 2 cents,

>While surfing the web for info about this disease, since it was a topic of
>discussion recently, I found a very interesting fact. It had said that
>or most sufferers were of Italian decent. Well I am Italian and was
>if since there was such a close link between Celiac and Diabetes, what
>the likelihood be that one of my many Drs would have possibly checked me
>this? I realize some of the symptoms are so vague, but I myself have a
>horrible problem with intestinal upsets, my oldest son, also IDDM seems to
>suffer from depression, and my middle son was DXD with failure to thrive as
>baby. I wonder if anyone dealing with this thinks I am making too much out
>this, or should I have my family tested? Thanks for any advice, Denise

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