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Re: [IP] help please? High nunbers

> On Thu, 20 April 2000, email @ redacted wrote:
> >
> > OK, here is the deal.  The doc changed Paddy's basals just the
> > amount.  But no big deal.  Actually a tich higher(.7 to .8) since then
> > has been COMPLETELY out of whack all noight and harder to control during
> > day.

well, charisma,  I may not have the answer here, but I CAN say that we go
through spurts with geneva in which she is high all night for a few days at
a time up to a week.  with no explanation. just like you mentioned,  in the
300's and despite corrections     she is in the same high numbers three
hours later.

I have chalked it up to growth hormones.

is paddy starving all of the time?

she gets this about every three months or so.

I gave up on changing sites when this all happened.  because she usually
would respond to her boluses in the daytime.  growth hormones are very busy
during the night with our children.   this is why they say if your child has
apnea, he/she will fail to grow properly because their REM period is being
disrupted by the apnea.  we saw this with our first child, who finally grew
to his proper height/weight once his tonsils/adenoids were taken out!

anyway..unless he is fighting off this cold that everyone seems to have
now....including our 6 yr. old neighbor...then I might attribute it to


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