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Re: [IP] UPDATE, stiull confusion: help please? High numbers

Have you called his doctor.  they may have to change his basal rate or give him 2 different ones.  At first my husband had 2 different basal rates. We finally have it down to 1 24 hours a day.
On Fri, 21 April 2000, email @ redacted wrote:

> Oh just UGH!
> I FINALLY got a chance to have a break--for the first time since the pump my
> folks took him for the night.
> 360 at 11:30, treated "properly."
> HI at 2am, treatment/changed site ( just cause I had an intuition when I put
> it in Wed night that it was not going to hold--it made a popping "noise
> /sensation" when I inserted it)
> HI at 5 am. Say HUH?   Retook THREE times and came up with 349, 398, and
> 413.  The last two are comparable for the same meter, and the first was my
> Dad's meter which is right comparison wise, so I treated "400."
> But dang---I've been up ALL night going to my folks' house.  And my poor
> mom---she said "and this is EASIER?"  Remember, she was the one who felt
> trhe pump was all for nothing?--a horrible change just for no results?  I
> reminded her we'd be doing a LOT more chasing our tails and shaking our
> heads and all sorts of stuff on MDI and she did concede that was true, but
> still.  She and I BOTH REEEEAAAAAAALLY needed the sleep.  At least PAddy
> slept, no garfing or otherwise!  YIPEE pump!
> I am going to be completely zealous today to see if I can't stop a trend,
> but he ate so sensibly last night. I am confused and disappointed.
> The trend has been for the day numbers to be higher then usual, but still
> responsive to the doses.... And for the nights to be bezerkoid.
> I rememberd another thing that is different, too.  NEW BOX of SITES,
> shorter tubing.  I shouldn't think the tubing length would have anything to
> do with it, but maybe the site box itself is bad?  CAN that be?  Maybe
> improperly made?  Just a thought.  I used one of the sites from the old box
> when I changed at 2am, thinking perhaps it was that.  Grasping at straws.
> Anticipating questions:
> checked for bubbles.  none.
> checked old tubing, no kinks or scrunching of cannula
> no blood, no infection
> rechecked boluses and basals.  still set, and calculated "properly")i.e. as
> prescribed and mostly as had been working)
> checked meter code. correct
> checked insulin.  not out of date or cloudy
> changed site Wed night, last night
> I really appreciate all help here.
> Thanks you
> Charisma
> JMD5256 wrote:
> > What is his sugar doing?  Is it high all the time or is it high at  a
> certain time and lower at another?
> > jmd5256
> I had written:
> >>Paddy has been COMPLETELY out of whack all noight and harder to control
> during day.
> > >
> > > I am tending to think it is coincidence.  My sis and her daughter are
> here
> > > from Virginia--LOTS of fun for Paddy TONS more exercise and excitement
> than
> > > usual.  Plus easter---he always goes wacky at holidays.
> > >
> > > On the flip side, we opened a new vial of insulin this site
> change...wasn't there word of spoiled H on here awhile back??
> >>....now that I mention this, he has had a slight fever on and off for
> about two weeks now, no known cause....MUCH crankier than usual.
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