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[IP] UPDATE, stiull confusion: help please? High numbers

Oh just UGH!
I FINALLY got a chance to have a break--for the first time since the pump my
folks took him for the night.
360 at 11:30, treated "properly."

HI at 2am, treatment/changed site ( just cause I had an intuition when I put
it in Wed night that it was not going to hold--it made a popping "noise
/sensation" when I inserted it)

HI at 5 am. Say HUH?   Retook THREE times and came up with 349, 398, and
413.  The last two are comparable for the same meter, and the first was my
Dad's meter which is right comparison wise, so I treated "400."

But dang---I've been up ALL night going to my folks' house.  And my poor
mom---she said "and this is EASIER?"  Remember, she was the one who felt
trhe pump was all for nothing?--a horrible change just for no results?  I
reminded her we'd be doing a LOT more chasing our tails and shaking our
heads and all sorts of stuff on MDI and she did concede that was true, but
still.  She and I BOTH REEEEAAAAAAALLY needed the sleep.  At least PAddy
slept, no garfing or otherwise!  YIPEE pump!

I am going to be completely zealous today to see if I can't stop a trend,
but he ate so sensibly last night. I am confused and disappointed.

The trend has been for the day numbers to be higher then usual, but still
responsive to the doses.... And for the nights to be bezerkoid.

I rememberd another thing that is different, too.  NEW BOX of SITES,
shorter tubing.  I shouldn't think the tubing length would have anything to
do with it, but maybe the site box itself is bad?  CAN that be?  Maybe
improperly made?  Just a thought.  I used one of the sites from the old box
when I changed at 2am, thinking perhaps it was that.  Grasping at straws.

Anticipating questions:
checked for bubbles.  none.
checked old tubing, no kinks or scrunching of cannula
no blood, no infection
rechecked boluses and basals.  still set, and calculated "properly")i.e. as
prescribed and mostly as had been working)
checked meter code. correct
checked insulin.  not out of date or cloudy
changed site Wed night, last night

I really appreciate all help here.
Thanks you

JMD5256 wrote:
> What is his sugar doing?  Is it high all the time or is it high at  a
certain time and lower at another?
> jmd5256

I had written:
>>Paddy has been COMPLETELY out of whack all noight and harder to control
during day.
> >
> > I am tending to think it is coincidence.  My sis and her daughter are
> > from Virginia--LOTS of fun for Paddy TONS more exercise and excitement
> > usual.  Plus easter---he always goes wacky at holidays.
> >
> > On the flip side, we opened a new vial of insulin this site
change...wasn't there word of spoiled H on here awhile back??

>>....now that I mention this, he has had a slight fever on and off for
about two weeks now, no known cause....MUCH crankier than usual.

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