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Re: [IP] Re: Let down again...little kids pumping

My husband is a diabetic and has been for 31 years. He has been pumping for 5 months.  We had to switch doctors in order for him to get one.  The doctor he was going to appaarently didn't know much about  diabetes.  He had  my husband on almost 100 units of 70/30.  He was to the  point where he was seizing aout every other night.  All his doctor told us was to have him continue to carry his emergency glucagon kit.  We switched to a specialist and she put him on the pump. It is under much better  control now.  He still has his bad days, but  I think that is because he is a "brittle" diabetic.

On Thu, 20 April 2000, email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 4/20/00 5:37:37 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> << Dawn,
>  We were in the same boat with our ped endo... we got the "if it ain't
>  broke don't fix it her Hba1c is really pretty good" brief and pat on the
>  head, and were sent on our way after several visits inquiring about the
>  pump.  We switched endos (with the help of a MiniMed rep) and got Gen
>  (age 4-almost 5) approved quickly after that.  However, we found-out
>  later that our old Ped Endo would have loved to start alot of her kids
>  on a pump, but didn't have the staff/funding/whatever, etc. to do just
>  that.  Maybe she was restricted in some way by the Hospital?  Who
>  knows?  Anyways, look around, ask around!
>  Paula, Mom to Genevieve, (dx'd at 13 months, now age 4, pumping 4
>  months!)
>   >>
> Hi Ladies, I am coming in a little late in this conversation.  I hope you do 
> not mind.  It sounds as though you are being given the run-a-round on getting 
> hooked up.  Over the past seven years, I had brought the subject up and got 
> the old familiar, "She's not old enough yet." I put off  for a while and then 
> this last fall a friend and I took our daughters to the health fair in Ogden 
> Utah.  The rep for both pumps was there and so we listened and checked them 
> out.  The rep for the disetronic however, happened to also be diabetic and 
> had a pump on. He was very much able to relate to my Jenna and was able to 
> answer her questions to her satisfaction. It was then she figured out in her 
> little head how many shots she would would not have to get in comparrission 
> to a site change every three days.  Which for her added up since it was a 
> minimum of three shots a day. All the way home and that week all I heard 
> about was this pump.  So, I was able to make an appointment the following 
> week to discuss this.  Well, El'Doc was all prepared to avoid the subject 
> again and that is when I decided I just had to make up my mind about this and 
> told him exactly how I saw things. I simply told him... that I was her mother 
> and he worked for me. Jenna is the one who brought this up and that we had 
> tried every possible route available to control her bg's at his suggestions.  
> Obviously the approaches we had taken were not working and that the only 
> thing left to do it seemed to me was to put her on the pump so that she could 
> have a continous flow of insulin. I simply told him, this is what "we are" 
> going to do. I let him know I had done my research and was completely aware 
> of many people who had children younger than Jenna on the pump. I also knew 
> from talking to moms what I was in for as far as a repeticous schedule, carb 
> counting and waking up several times a night to test. Not much unlike a new 
> baby I thought to myself.  Finally he broke and said OK.  From that point it 
> was only 5 weeks that went by and we had  her pump and we were getting 
> started. I have nothing bad to say about pumping! Even when that alarm goes 
> off in those early morning hours and I think...already?  It has been the best 
> thing for her! We have never had such tight control in the past seven years.  
> Good luck and I say be tuff with them! Keep grinding away at'em!   Sorry this 
> was so long!
> Laurie, mom to Jenna, dx'd at 13months, now 8.  Have a Good Easter!
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