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[IP] help please? High nunbers

OK, here is the deal.  The doc changed Paddy's basals just the teeeeeensiest
amount.  But no big deal.  Actually a tich higher(.7 to .8) since then Paddy
has been COMPLETELY out of whack all noight and harder to control during

I am tending to think it is cooincidence.  My sis and her daughter are here
from Virginia--LOTS of fun for Paddy TONS more exercise and excitement than
usual.  Plus easter---he always goes wacky at holidays.

On the flip side, we opened a new vial of insulin this site change and I did
not change the cartridge.  Even if I had, it would have been insulin from
the new batch.  Wasn't there word of spoiled H on here awhile back??

The old site was working, but I changed it anyhow since it was 1.5 days in,
just to be sure.  Want him to feel EXTRA well with the company here to
enjoy.  Site change made no diff, but the new insulin keeps coming to mind.

I just hate to see him developing ketones and such.  But you know, now that
I mention this, he has had a slight fever on and off for about two weeks
now.  Nopthing een enough to measure, just to thte touch and I can see it in
his glassy eyes.  Much crankier than usual.

You know, if I didn;t know better, I'd say he was teething   LOL

ANY AND ALL advice welcome and appreciated.  Any.  No really.....even if it
sounds silly......for real........
Did I mention ANY?
Charisma :)

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