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Re: [IP] Standard carb insulin ratios

If you check with people posting here, I think you will find that ratios of insulin taken per pound will 
vary widely.  Interestingly enough, my situation is very close to Natalie's from her comments:

I weigh about 67 kg. and so my usage should, according to them, be
between 33 and 67 units a day; in fact, I usually use about 20 - 25
units per day. 

On your formula, I should use about 15 units per day. 

So for me, at least, the truth is somewhere in between, which must mean
that other people won't fit into those pigeonholes, either!!!!

My carb ratio tends to be about 20:1.

Natalie, that is pretty much my experience, too.  I weigh about 145 and take 18-23 units a day with a carb 
ratio of about 20:1.  If I took 33 to 67 units a day, I would always be fighting hypoglycemia and would 
likely be gaining 5 lbs. a day!  Bottom line: everyone is different, YMMV.  

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area
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