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[IP] Re: Let down again...little kids pumping

We were in the same boat with our ped endo... we got the "if it ain't
broke don't fix it her Hba1c is really pretty good" brief and pat on the
head, and were sent on our way after several visits inquiring about the
pump.  We switched endos (with the help of a MiniMed rep) and got Gen
(age 4-almost 5) approved quickly after that.  However, we found-out
later that our old Ped Endo would have loved to start alot of her kids
on a pump, but didn't have the staff/funding/whatever, etc. to do just
that.  Maybe she was restricted in some way by the Hospital?  Who
knows?  Anyways, look around, ask around!

Paula, Mom to Genevieve, (dx'd at 13 months, now age 4, pumping 4

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