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Re: [IP] going to be a camp counselor

Julie -

That is so cool that you are going to be a counselor.  My advice  - be
prepared for anything.  VBG

This will be my 5th year at a camp for kids with DM.  Every camp works
differently, but from what I know from other camps as well is that the
counselors are given free time during the day (we have it in rotation
shifts - Team 1 will have free time in the morning for a couple of hours,
and Team 2 will have it at night  - one counselor must stay in the cabins
with the kids.  Then the next day Team 2 gets the morning free time, and
Team 1 gets the night 'off').  This too will be my first year there with a
pump, but a couple of other counselors have them as well, they change them
in the cabins when the kids are busy with group activities.  If the kids
want to watch you change your site, by all means do it!  They are not only
there for the fun, they are also there to learn a little about themselves
and about their diabetes.  Perhaps they are interested in them (every year
we have someone from one of the pump companies at camp to speak to the kids
about pumping, they bring packets and videos out for them to take home), if
they see you change your set and see how easy it is, it may make them a bit
more interested in pump therapy.  If it makes 'em squeamish, do it in
private, but in my opinion I wouldn't hide anything about it.  You probably
won't figure out what not to do and what to do until camp is over.  VBG  The
first year is sometimes hard, you don't really know what to expect, but
that's what your co-counselor and program staff are for - support.  I've
dealt with children who are homesick, kids who have home problems, etc.  and
the staff has been AWESOME in helping with any and all situations.  I
imagine you will go through an orientation session before camp starts, make
sure to ask questions if you have them, talk to the other counselors and
staff, you will get a lot of good info from them.  If you want you can
e-mail me privately with any ?'s you might have, I can tell you how I
handled them, and maybe give you something to work with.  You will have a
blast, I guarantee.  Why else would I be driving from the Canadian border in
WA into Central Montana for a week's worth of camp?  hee hee hee Good luck -
Dawn email @ redacted

> In July I'm going to be a camp counselor for kids with DM- same camp I
> to as a kid.  I'm very excited about it, but also a little nervous.
> put me in a cabin with an older more experienced counselor as a partner,
> I'd still appreciate any suggestions from kids who have been to camp or
> parents who have sent their kids...you know, what not to do, stuff like
> that.  Also, when I went there weren't any kids with pumps there, but I'm
> sure that's different now.  I'm still wondering what I should do with it
> during swimming(they do it for hours at a time) or boating.  Also, when am
> going to have time to change my site, and would the kids want to watch me
> should I do it in private?  Any and all advice would be appreciated, I
> really want to do this right.
> Julie

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