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[IP] Re: dawn phenomenon

Recently Denise told us:

> I seem to be having a problem with this for quite some time now. And afte=
> r
> watching my pattern for quite some time, and getting up the nerve, I star=
> ted a
> new basal rate from 3 am til 9 am. I only increased it by .1. (From midni=
> ght
> til 3 am, I use .5)  Well it is not helping at all! I seem to be worse no=
> w
> than before. Prior to using the new basal I would just take 3 units of in=
> sulin
> when I got up in the am. The problem with that was that I was going lower=
>  than
> I felt comfortable with at lunch time. But now, I am way too high at lunc=
> h and
> continue to rise even if I don't eat a thing all day!...

Two responses:

(A) Is there any chance that you are going low in the morning, perhaps even
before you wake up, and then rebounding high? It doesn't seem likely from
your description, but I can't see anything else reasonable either.

(2) You might check the settings on your emailer (or have some local geek do
it :-) as it's sending weird line breaks in strange patterns, as shown in
the quote above. I used to know what was doing this, but have apparently
forgotten the details: sorry!

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

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