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Re: [IP] Faith in the pill

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 09:54:02 -0700
From: "Sara M. G." <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Faith in the pill

> AND...some are too old to deal with little 
> *surprises.* lol  I cried my entire second 
> pregnancy - I wasn't ready to have 2 children 
> 10 months and 14 days apart!!!  I wouldn't 
> (PAST TENSE) do it over again ;) like that.
*BLINK* Did you even menstruate in between them?  Kudos 
to being able to deal with TWO infants so close in age. 
 I can picture you and your SO pulling your hair out 
with diaper changes and feedings!!

- -Sara G.

I think I have you beat on that one.  My second two are exactly 51 weeks
apart.  child#2 born Dec 28,1997   child#3 born Dec 21,1998.    I'm in
the midst of 2 in the terrible twos right now.  Heyyyyyy...........Maybe
that's why my sugars are crazy???????  Come to think if it.......I've
been buying diapers continuously for 6 years and 4 months now.  My oldest
didn't potty train himself until four yrs. old.  

-One good thing about paying a compliment is that it doesn't cost a cent
more than it used to.   
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