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> > I cried my entire second
> > pregnancy - I wasn't ready to have 2 children
> > 10 months and 14 days apart!!!

> *BLINK* Did you even menstruate in between them?  Kudos
> to being able to deal with TWO infants so close in age.
>  I can picture you and your SO pulling your hair out
> with diaper changes and feedings!!
> - -Sara G.

My hugsband didn't change the 2nd one for a couple of months. In fact, he
enjoyed going to work. Dealing with 2 that close -- I almost had a nervous
breakdown. The 2nd almost died (Hyaline Membrane Disease) and visably cried
but not out loud until 2.5 mos. old.  I don't look back on any of it with
fondness. I held one baby one time between #2 and my grandson and that was
because a friend asked me to hold hers while she put the carseat in the car.
If I didn't have DM to deal with it might have been different. HOWEVER, if I
didn't have DM the babies probably would have been born healthier and
*possibly* farther apart. We learned that hugsy shouldn't set his shoes
under the bed. I'm sure I had a couple of periods between them, but inducing
labor early (23 days for #2) made them closer than they were supposed to be.
I cried the whole 2nd pregnancy, then the 3 of us cried all day long for 3
months until I became a Tupperware dealer and was able to get out of the
house a bit.  You've heard about my mom -- she pretty much had the notion I
made my bed, now lie in it.  Mother's Days are hard to get through. I can't
read the cards they sell. @

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