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[IP] Contact lens question

I know that we've had a thread before about diabetics wearing contacts,
and from what I got out of all the talk was that it's been fine for
pretty much everyone. 
My question is for anyone who got them after going on the pump.  Did you
notice any blood sugar fluctuations afterwards?  

I can't figure out what has been going on with me for the past two days. 
I'm having spikes in my BG's.  and they are very hard to lower.  I have
considered: site problems, ovulation, and the stress of having to stick
my fingers in my eyes to get the things out.  (I know, I know, for
someone that can stick a needle in her breast I sure seem like a wimp
now.)  And with the spikes in my sugars I can't tell if they are the
right prescription or not.  I'm having a lot of blurriness but that might
just be from dryness of my eyes.   

Also for you contact lens wearers, When you do have a prolonged high and
you get dehydrated do your eyes get dry too?

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