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Re: [IP] Standard carb insulin ratios

email @ redacted wrote:
> This sounds like a lot of insulin. My sources have .1 unit per pound or .22
> unit per kilogram of weight. Check this in Pumping Insulin, by John Walsh.

In "Living Well with Diabetes", they give the figure of 0.5 to 1.0 units
per kg. of weight, which translates to ABOUT 0.25 to 0.5 per pound. 

I weigh about 67 kg. and so my usage should, according to them, be
between 33 and 67 units a day; in fact, I usually use about 20 - 25
units per day. 

On your formula, I should use about 15 units per day. 

So for me, at least, the truth is somewhere in between, which must mean
that other people won't fit into those pigeonholes, either!!!!

My carb ratio tends to be about 20:1, which is also less than would be
predicted from my weight. 

So I guess it really boils down to trial and error -- start
conservatively and adjust from there!
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