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[IP] More Info on Joslin Kidney Study

Investigators Research Genetic Link to Diabetic Kidney Complications

 Scientists at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston are searching for
 genetic components that may make some people with Type 1 diabetes
 more susceptible to kidney complications.  Dr. Andrzej Krolewski and
 his team of investigators have over a decade of experience
 researching diabetic kidney disease (nephropathy), and in this time
 have found strong evidence that genetics plays a role in who will
 develop nephropathy and who will not.  Diabetic nephropathy affects
 about one-third of people with diabetes, and is caused by a
 combination of clinical factors (such as blood sugar control and high
 blood pressure) and inherited factors.   Nephropathy often first
 manifests as protein spilled into the urine, and may progress to
 End-Stage Renal Disease, which must be treated by dialysis or kidney
 transplant. By identifying a genetic link, doctors hope to be able to
 more effectively treat and prevent nephropathy.  Dr. Krolewski's
 research project, entitled the Joslin Kidney Study, aims to locate
 such a link. Dr. Krolewski's group has made great progress in
 narrowing down regions of DNA where a gene or genes causing greater
 susceptibility to kidney complications may be found.  This is due in
 part to the many advances in molecular technology over the past few
 years.  However, Dr. Krolewski is quick to emphasize that the most
 important component of this project is the cooperation of patients
 with diabetes and their families, without whom the research could not
 continue. "Each additional family who participates in the Joslin
 Kidney Study increases the chances of finding genes responsible for
 diabetic nephropathy," states Dr. Krolewski. Working together with
 Dr. Mark Williams, a kidney specialist at the Joslin Clinic, Dr.
 Krolewski and his team are currently recruiting participants for the
 Joslin Kidney Study. Joslin Kidney Study recruiters are looking for
 people who were diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes diagnosed
 before age 31 who have a clinical diagnosis of kidney disease -
 including proteinuria, dialysis, or kidney transplant - and who have
 at least one other diabetic sibling with no kidney complications.  
 Distance is no object in the Joslin Kidney Study, as people from all
 over the world may participate.  The study protocol consists of
 one-time participation and involves a short interview regarding
 family history and health, blood pressure measurements, and a blood
 sample collection.  In return, participants receive compensation for
 their time, and assurance that the confidentiality of all information
 will be protected. For more information about the Joslin Kidney
 Study, or to see if your family qualifies, please call:

Project Manager Kellie Anderson,
 toll-free, at (877) 264-2739 
 or via e-mail at:
email @ redacted
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