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[IP] YaHoo! Roselea and MAX!!!

YaHoo Roselea! That is fantastic news!! Now, wasn't that worth waiting for? 
:o) I am sure that you and Max are going to be really good buddies! After 
looking at Max sitting there and admiring him, I guess your relationship is 
already off to a great start...LOL!
I just called my insurance co. today and they have finally approved the 
first of about 6 claims that I have for infusion sets and pump supplies. :o) 
I mailed off my Dr.'s pump for it's inspection and am hooked up to a loaner 
from Disetronic until they know what the scoop is for the Power of Choice 
program here in Canada.
Way to Go RoseLea!

>From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted>
>Everyone!  Got the word today, insurance approved and paid my pump 100%!
>WOOHOO!  Been dancing around the house hooping and hollering all morning, 
>cats think I've lost my mind (now, I know it's here somewhere...)!  Hookup 
>date is May 23, I can't wait.
So, let me make my introductions now:  Everyone, meet Max... my pancreas!
>Why Max, you ask?  Because he will help me to live my life to the MAX!
>Type 1 for nearly 37 years, soon to be with Max, joined at the hip!

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