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Re: [IP] going to be a camp counselor

As a parent, I find your sincere attitude to do it right to be absolutely 
charming.  I am sure you will be a great counselor based on your interest in 
the kids.  Anyway, 1) I would have them take off their pumps while they swim. 
 It is not unusual to have the pump off for hours while one is actively 
swimming.  The activity of swimming keeps the bgs down while the pump is off. 
 Some kids may even require carbs from the pumpless swim.  2) By all means, 
do all your pump stuff in front of the kids.  The pump is the future; not 
shots.  Let them be exposed to it and learn to be comfortable with it.  3) 
Basel rates will undoubtedly be decreased during the active summer weeks of 
good luck sweetie!  What camp?  My daughter goes to 3 great camps this 
summer; Camp Hodia in Idaho, Camp Sweeney in Texas and Camp Libby in Ohio.  
We like diabetic camps!
Lindsey in Chicago
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