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[IP] Re: IP: transplanting umbilical cord stem cell

In a message dated 4/20/2000 12:52:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

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Hi all.. since i happend to work for a non profit medical research company 
that has done ALOT of the work in learning how to store these stem cells .. I 
thought I'd pipe in...

It's a great idea to store your cells.  As of today, there are no uses for 
them for a disease like diabetes.  They are currently only tranplantable for 
blood related diseases where bone marrow transplant was the alternative.  The 
benefits to having your own stem cells transplanted are 1)they are your 
own... rejection is unlikely or certailnly less likely 2) teh process is less 
hard on the body than a bone marrow transplant   ... the other alternative to 
storing the cells privately is that public banks are popping up all over... 
one of which will be housed at the institute where i work.  This is the 
equivilant to a blood bank or such wehre you agree to donate the cells ... no 
names attached.. and they are used by people who need them.  Only the user 
pays for this type of service, wehreas in private storage, YOU will pay a 
collection fee nad yearly fee.  depending on your own family's genetic 
history, you should make your own decision.    If I can answer any more 
questions on the subject, I'll be glad to.  

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