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[IP] Faith in the pill

> Please ladies....you're scaring me!!:)  If you all share your stories
> this, I'm likely to never have sex again, due to fear and paranoia!! lol
> Yes, I understand it CAN still happen while on the pill, but I'd like to
> have a LITTLE faith in my birth control method!!
> Kelly (who is WAY too young to be dealing with little "surprises"!!)

AND...some are too old to deal with little *surprises.* lol  I cried my
entire second pregnancy - I wasn't ready to have 2 children 10 months and 14
days apart!!!  I wouldn't (PAST TENSE) do it over again ;) like that.
Dealing with DM on one shot a day and no home BGs....

But, Kelly, the best way to put faith in the pill is to hold it between your
knees. ;)

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