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[IP] Re: untreated water?

Subject: [IP] untreated water

<<<<So do I plug up my well and buy bottled
What assurance do we have
that bottled water is *good*?
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)>>>>

You have NO assurance that your bottled water or
"spring" water is good. You could buy some
bottles, fill up from the municipal water supply,
or your own well, slap a label on it, call it
whatever you want and sell it for $1 a bottle, $8
a gallon or however much you want. That IS what
you are buying off the store shelves, grocery or
health food store, and if you don't believe it,
take some of the water you are buying and have it
tested. When you recover from the shock of what
you find out, go out and buy yourself a GOOD
solid carbon block water filter. Hook it up to
your water supply take all the "stuff" out of the
water before you drink it.

 You can get on  the National Sanitation
Foundation web site, or call 800#, and get a copy
of report that will tell you which water filter
will remove what. Don't waste your time buying a
Brita pitcher or a cheap on the faucet thing like
a Pur, (although they will remove some things,
some chlorine, solid lead particles, etc and are
better than nothing).  There are only about 100
or so contaminents that are controlled by the
government, there are filters that remove
(proven) 190+ contaminents. So I guess it's OK
for you to ingest the other 90+ contaminents? If
you don't use a water filter, you ARE a water
-Rae, Ryan's mom 

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