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Re: [IP] Rapid infusion set question

      I have not used the one from disetronic, we are using the tender right 
now.  However MMed does have one that does not have the needle in it. It has 
the same plastic canula like the tender only in the thumb tack shape and also 
has an inserter that makes it virtually painless.  We have used those as a 
trial when getting started on the pump.  They are nice. We chose tenders when 
we got our pump and so we are still using them up.  I had seen on this list 
from others that they seem costly if memory serves me correct. However, I 
have not researched them yet. I plan to though. My daughter really liked them 
and they had a good disconnection as well. I know this is not specically what 
you asked but it might be something you would be interested in.  Laurie, mom 
of Jenna(8yrs old) Type 1 for seven years
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