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[IP] long nights:Parents

To other sleepy parents,

Well, we are still flying high from the great 6.1 results, and I guess Kevin 
celebrated by forgetting to do a bolus lastnight. We usually break up his 
dinner bolus by 15 min to a 1/2 hour if it is high in fat at all...and Kevin 
forgot to do his 1 unit afterwards. We were all so busy, that WE ALL forgot 
to check...anyway, he had a bedtime snack of popcorn and was high at the 
time, but it hadn't even been 2 hours after dinner, so we ignored it thinking 
"high fat."   We were correcting all night. I dunno if other parents are like 
us, but we are very conservative at night because sometimes he comes down as 
much as 100 points for 1/2 unit and other times he doesn't.

We were up at 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 am checking and doing 1/2 unit 
corrections at some of those intervals. He was up over 200 until 5 am!  It 
seems like some nights 1/2 unit does NOTHING! He would drop maybe 5 pts and 
that was that. Lucky for ME, we are on spring break. Kevin slept thru the 
entire night and looks very refreshed! ha ha.  

Just venting...don't expect answers. One would be nice...but I don't expect 
any! ha ha

Sleepy Mom to Kevin
pumping for 11 months and NOW WITH A HgA1C of 6.1!!!!!!!
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