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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #114

Title: RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #114

Hi Linda,

I have been taking Prinivil for 6 yrs now. I had no protein showing, nor was even border line on the test. My Doctor (an Internist @ the time) had wanted to put me on it for the prevention of complications. He also stated it was better @ my age, and the number of years I had Diabetes (I'm 38 now, and have had IDDM 22 yrs). My 5 yo Daughter was diax 12/99 w/ IDDM. Her Endo/CDE told me that they would refrain from putting her on an Ace Inhibitor till she is much older. They advise that complications does not take affect on a child till @ least the teenage yrs. I'm not sure not sure if amounts of Albumin in the urine would change they're opinion though. You didn't mention Kevin's age so I don't know if he's in his teenage years. Ace Inhibitors do have some side effects. My Prinivil gives me a dry cough every now and then. I've also heard others complaining of dizziness. Maybe ask your child's endo for a more thorough explanation as to why he wants to prescribe this, and what side effects a child his age will have. Is this just one test that showed amounts of urine? Should he try another to confirm? How much Protein was discovered? What if the Lab had mixed up the results, or they aren't correct? Try to find out what is prompting him to prescribe such a drug to a child.

Being the caregiver of a diabetic child is not easy. Since my daughter was diax, it seems to control every aspect of our lives now. You are doing Everything you can to help him. If it helps, you might want to investigate any support groups in your area. They have them according to age of the child that has diabetes. A CDE runs ours that is wonderful. Her child was diax, and she was a RN. She organize's everything, and does so charitably. She doesn't ask for anything from us. Her daughter babysits the children with diabetes with an adult. They do arts & crafts, and the children get to meet other diabetics. The information that comes out of it is priceless. You get info from other families that have had similar situations. Tips, education, and a sense that your not the only one that goes through this. It might help :)


Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 21:11:30 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] protein in the urine!!

Something new to work with here. I just got back from our endo appt. and
after two tests on the albumin the results came back with a higher than
normal reading and the endo said that Kevin must now start taking Lisinopril
to help his kidneys. He said he had protein in the urine and that isn't good.
Kev has had diabetes for over 8 yrs and now he needs to take this medication
for the rest of his life. Anyone else ever have this problem?  I am so tired
of things happening to this poor kid, but guess God knows we can both deal
with it...Ok God, I'm tired of dealing with things...UHG!!!!

Linda, frustrated mom to kev!!