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[IP] Dr. Hayek and Kristina

Hi all,

I just want to share something incredible with you all!  Kristina tonight interviewed Dr. Alberto Hayek, director of Islet Research and Professor of Pediatrics at the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute.  She spoke to him on the phone in a conference call!  I typed for her and Deb Butterfield typed Dr. Hayek's answers!  Basically they just talked and we typed it all out!  

Well, Kristina did soooo well!  Considering that she doesn't speak all that much to her own doctor, she had some really VERY intelligent questions for him!  What impressed me so much, is he had some really good ones for her also!  He spoke to her at her level and told her about islet cell transplants in a way she could understand!  Oh how she laughed and giggled when he told her that he was trying to make islet cells marry and have babies so there would be more of them for everyone!  He explained encapsulation as an islet cell in jail and the bars were very narrow!  *chuckling*  

And as these 2 got to talking, she told him about the diabetes camp she's going to this summer and the prospect of having to change her set twice all by herself!  He encouraged her to try changing it herself before she goes to camp so she knows what to do and she won't be so nervous!  Well this very proud mom watched her change her own set ALL by herself tonight for the first time!!  She used a sof set with the inserter but she did it all by herself!  She put the tape on, she took out the needle, she did EVERYTHING all by herself because this wonderful doctor and researcher took the time to talk to her and encouraged her!

I have a very real hope tonight for the first time in the 10 years that Kristina has had diabetes that she will see a cure very soon!  Her last question to Dr. Hayek touched all of our hearts... she asked him that when he starts to give kids islet cells, would he give some to her!  Oh gosh, do I ever have one very bright and wonderful daughter and I'm absolutely bursting with pride!

If you're interested in seeing the archived chat and what kids want to know from researchers, go to http://www.diabetesstation.org/kristina/kristina_archives.asp  We had a really good time talking with Dr. Hayek tonight and Kristina learned so much and in the end, changed her own infusion set all by herself!  She's only been pumping since Christmas!

Melissa Davis
Diabetes Station Manager
Insulin Free World Foundation

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