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[IP] Tim Miller

Welcome to the list Tim! I have had IDDM for 30 years now, pumping almost 3. I
never had good control on shots and developed many complications as a result.
I had extreme hypo unawareness and that was the final straw that lead me to
the pump. Well let me say that switching to the pump was,for me, unbelievably
easy and successful! I didn't have any problems with high BS's, a few lows
though. My A1C's dropped from the teens to a miraculous 5.6! Many of my
complications have improved quite a bit too! As far as using injections to
correct highs, well that will be something you will continue to use through
out pumping, although most likely rarely when a infusion site is suspect. The
benefits have certainly out weighed the negative aspects. The most beneficial
part of pumping seems to be the return to a more "normal" schedule, you can
eat, sleep, when and if you want. Good luck with your decision. I "personally"
think pumping should be much more the norm, than the exception! Denise 

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