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[IP] Re: Pixie

In a message dated 4/19/00 12:49:14 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<<Spotting is also a sign there's no pregnancy, right? >>

My "spotting" is 23 years old now and has made me a grandmother.  The 
spotting occurred at about the time I would have gotten my period.  When I 
was pregnant with my daughter I think I was low 24-7 for about the first 
trimester. It seemed that no matter what I tried I couldn't get my bg up.  
But then, that was back when there was no home glucose testing.  I went to 
the doctor about every two weeks to find out what my blood sugar was.  :)  
Thank God for home blood glucose testing and pumps!!  My daughter is 
beautiful and brilliant - no brag, just fact :)  But, now, just let me tell 
you about my grandson.... (Sorry, I am the stereotypical mom/grandma who 
KNOWS her kids are the best in the world).

I'm glad you're going in for the bloodwork tomorrow.  Good luck!  Your signs 
all look terrific!  We'll all be waiting to hear.

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