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Re: [IP] protein in the urine!!

    Melissa has been taking Vasotec ( another one of the ACE inhibitors) for 
almost 3 yrs now ( which was only 4 1/2 years post-dx). She had had massive 
amounts of protein & the medication reduced her protein 80%...and those 
results were the same one year later. Nearly every diabetes researcher I've 
discussed this with feels that ACE inhibitors are a highly effective means of 
staving off kidney damage in those so predisposed...and protein in the urine 
is one of the earliest indicators that the filtering process is less than 
ideal. She has no ill effects from the meds ( although some people are 
bothered by a slight cough on these meds) and her blood pressure which was 
90/60-ish pre-medication, has remained in that range ever since. Just be 
cognizant of the fact that in extreme heat, sweating, etc, it is CRITICAL to 
drink LOTS of liquids to avoid passing out!! Of all the things we have to 
watch our kids with diabetes contend with, taking that little pill, knowing 
it's optimally protecting my daughter, is one of the easier ones. Hope this 
information helps allay your concerns.
Regards, Renee
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