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Re: [IP] Standard carb insulin ratios

> This sounds like a lot of insulin. My sources have .1 unit per pound or
> unit per kilogram of weight. Check this in Pumping Insulin, by John Walsh.

well barbara...this would definitely explain why geneva is crashing on her
"recommended" carb ratios.

she weighs 90 lbs. and if we do YOUR math, we come up with 9 units per day
for basal requirements.  divide this by the 24 hour period and you come up
with .4 all day.  ( I am hypothesizing here)
geneva has been on a .5 per hour basal for most of the day.  ( with OK
results if we are using a really high carb ratio:  like  1:35)
 when I try to make her carb ratio higher  or stronger or whatever you call
it....she crashes.

so...thanks for alerting me about this little fact from "pumping insulin",
john walsh.
 I can't find our book and am too lazy to go digging under beds.

I am now going refresh geneva's basals and use the .4 as her all day basal.
she has a tendency to drop from about 9:30-10:00 am at school   (we use the
velosulin mix and this is causing a tail)...
will go down to .3 during the school hours.

perhaps this will allow us to use a stronger carb ratio . ( the ones that I
tried unsuccessfully today)

she crashed all day today at school on the endo's recommendations  (which
mirror what the other kids her weight/age are using )

thanks for enlightening me at a time when I was pulling my hair out tonight
trying to figure this all out.=!

mom to geneva, age 11 and getting ready to go to outdoor ed. --- which is
why I am getting real nervous about having her exact basals set!

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