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Re:[IP] Thoughts on pump-fashion

> Funny you should mention pump fashion, Jenny Nash and
> I were chatting about that very thing yesterday
> morning in the IP Chatroom.

That is so cool... A pump with a personality!  (And a 
FABULOUS one at that :)

I have a little friend named Earnest too, a little 
fluffy sheep that sits atop my work monitor.  He was a 
gift from the probation office I used to work at.  He's 
got a little Probation Officer's badge and a pair of 
reflective sunglasses.  I call him my Pig-Sheep for 
appearant reasons.  He helps remind me not to drive like 
an insane person on my way home 'cause he so resembles 
this highway patrolman that stopped me for running a 
stop sign (well gee common it was the middle of the 
night in the country) and saw a used needle on my seat 
(I was a bit sloppy in those days) and got all "Robocop" 
on me.  So Earnest serves to remind me to drive SAFELY 
comming home from work.

-Sara G.

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