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[IP] Accepting anything in CA

> > He's in Calif. where *they accept anything
> > out here* and I'm in Indiana.
> >
> I'm not AT ALL sure what to make of that comment... They
> accept dead-beat dads?  Having never been far outside
> California I don't have much to compare it to, but I
> doubt California is as liberal as most people make it
> out to be.

That comment came about when he and I sat in a restaurant in Sacramento and
I said, "What bothers me is, you are a well-known preacher and people know
your family and I'm a strange woman." He then said, "Don't worry about it,
they accept anything in Calif." Funny thing was, he came here and met me at
a Holiday Inn. I was concerned because our church is very large and people
didn't know he was my father.  I took my camera and asked the waitress to
take our pics. She said, "Are you on your honeymoon?"  lol

But I stayed 3 weeks at his house and now realized (15 years later) his kids
never knew I had DM - it would have made him look bad. He said he loved me
but wouldn't talk to me anymore because I take everything wrong. As far as
accepting dead-beat dads, he had to fill out a form every year for his
denomination and one of the Q's was asking about taking care of his family.
I assumed since he was married to my mom for 5 years that my brother and I
would have been included as family. He lied. I'm glad my salvation isn't
dependent upon him, but Him.

And life goes on... still.

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