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Re: [IP] Standard carb insulin ratios

<<the 1 unit per kilo of body
weight as a "standard" does not apply to every child.  >>

This sounds like a lot of insulin. My sources have .1 unit per pound or .22 
unit per kilogram of weight. Check this in Pumping Insulin, by John Walsh. 
There are additional resources that give some other variations on this for a 
"starting point" when calculating doses based on body weight or based on 
total daily insulin dose pre-pump. It is recommended to start with the lower 
dose as a conservative approach.  (Additional sources are Jay Skyler, MD, 
Hirsch and Hirsch, Bruce Bode, MD. The ADA Intensive Insulin Management also 
includes information of average starting doses.) As always, YMMV, but these 
are the resorces most CDE trainers and endo's will use. (Where you start out 
and where you end up with basal, bolus, and correction factors are influenced 
by multiple variables, factors, or circumstances.  MimiMed has information 
also, but most of their data are based on the above references.

Barbara B.
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