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Re:[IP] Thoughts on pump-fashion

Hey Sara G. and All Y'all ~

Funny you should mention pump fashion, Jenny Nash and
I were chatting about that very thing yesterday
morning in the IP Chatroom.

My pump....Earnest....the Brite Bleu MiniMed
507c....dresses better than I do!  He has a collection
of about 80 frocks (aka Baby Socks), including several
by Oleg Cassini, Gap, Old Navy, etc.  His favorite
outfits include a black houndstooth check with bugs
around the cuff....and another with the image of
Cookie Monster's face.  For Easter Sunday, he's
wearing a pink bunny bootie.

Before going to Florida this spring, I bought him a
Barbie bathing suit...one piece...fire engine red. 
Earnest wore the bathing suit while he was enclosed in
his sport guard case.  

By the way, Jenny has already pointed out Earnest's
cross-dressing proclivities....but the way we figure
it...a pump's just gotta have fun!

With a wink and a smile from Janet

p.s.  Since you're gonna ask....I usually carry
Earnest in my bra....but when he's wearing an
especially clever frock...I use a diaper pin from the
inside of my clothing to pin him into place somewhere
on the outisde of my frock.

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