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Re: [IP] fast take, eve and CGM


I remember the FastTake very well along with the non-disclosure agreement!

When comparing to my other meter there was a lot of variability on the high
and low ends - when in the "normal" range it was pretty close to the meter
I compared it to. I think a lot of us had similar results.  (Course mine
and everyone elses FastTake was a proto-type and very well accounted for.)

I liked the size, but will stay with my Profile.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Andrea Seitz wrote:

> Ruth,
> Last year, I had the same problem you are describing
> with the FastTake and Lifescan put me through tons of
> testing procedures (On each call I was given a
> different procedure to try and even sent a new machine
> -- which gave me the same problem). I could never get
> the FastTake to be within the specified ranges on the
> four in the row tests with individual finger pricks
> for each one. I switched companies because, if
> Lifescan doesn't have one procedure in writing, Do
> they even know the proper way to work the machine?
> Also, I rely on the meter's results to make health
> decisions 5-8 times per day. An accurate and reliable
> meter is absolutely essential. I believe many times
> companies release new meters too quickly and don't do
> enough consumer testing beforehand. Just because the
> FDA approves the companies' meter and procedure
> doesn't mean it is safe. The average person testing a
> couple of meters off the retail shelf for accuracy
> would find this to be true.
> You may want to call another meter company and get a
> free trade in. Personally, I found the Accu-Chek
> Advantage and Complete with the Comfort Curve strips
> the user can touch to be very easy to use. The
> procedure is very simple and if enough blood isn't on
> the strip you can come back and redose it within the
> first 15 seconds. (800-858-8072)
> My insurance company took back the FastTake strips and
> traded them for Accu-Check Comfort Curves, when I
> reported the inaccurate tests.
> Three different meters bit the dust before I found one
> that would pass the four in a row test. Best wishes on
> finding a meter that works for Eve.
> Andrea

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