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[IP] fast take, eve and CGM


Last year, I had the same problem you are describing
with the FastTake and Lifescan put me through tons of
testing procedures (On each call I was given a
different procedure to try and even sent a new machine
-- which gave me the same problem). I could never get
the FastTake to be within the specified ranges on the
four in the row tests with individual finger pricks
for each one. I switched companies because, if
Lifescan doesn't have one procedure in writing, Do
they even know the proper way to work the machine? 

Also, I rely on the meter's results to make health
decisions 5-8 times per day. An accurate and reliable
meter is absolutely essential. I believe many times
companies release new meters too quickly and don't do
enough consumer testing beforehand. Just because the
FDA approves the companies' meter and procedure
doesn't mean it is safe. The average person testing a
couple of meters off the retail shelf for accuracy
would find this to be true. 

You may want to call another meter company and get a
free trade in. Personally, I found the Accu-Chek
Advantage and Complete with the Comfort Curve strips
the user can touch to be very easy to use. The
procedure is very simple and if enough blood isn't on
the strip you can come back and redose it within the
first 15 seconds. (800-858-8072)

My insurance company took back the FastTake strips and
traded them for Accu-Check Comfort Curves, when I
reported the inaccurate tests.

Three different meters bit the dust before I found one
that would pass the four in a row test. Best wishes on
finding a meter that works for Eve.


Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 18:24:19 -0700
From: "Ruth Schneider" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] fast take,  eve and CGM

I worry about the reliability of our fast take.   I am

thinking of calling lifescan and having them give me a
new one touch (in trade for the fast take)  ...second
check just to make sure.  often it is 'off ' about 50
points the second 

> the CGMS they found out his meter was way off (a 
fast take).

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