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Re: [IP] Re: Sara's question about boob sites

Sara G.

Funny you should mention the breast sites as about a month or so ago I ask 
the same question to others on the list.  Well, it went wild for a day or 
two.  I was always afraid to try it too.  I said if someone else would try it 
I would too.  I think it was Sheila or Sherry that said they did so then I 
went ahead and tried it too.  It was wonderful and the bs were some of the 
best I had for a while.  

At that time I was about to have my annual mammogram and wanted to wait until 
that was over before I tried it.  So I put it in on the weekend after the 
mammogram and on Monday the DR's office called me at work to tell me my 
mammogram was fine and I told the nurse that I was glad because I had just 
begun using the boobs for infusion sets.  She said I will tell the Dr. that.  
So I didn't think anymore about it and that same evening the Dr. called me at 
home and Said, "I hear you found a rather unusual place to put your infusion 
set" I couldn't believe what I thought I heard and said, "excuse me?"  I then 
said do you think I should not be using the breasts?  He said Are you getting 
good readings? I said Yes.  He said does it hurt?  I said no.  He said more 
power to you.  Use what works.  Now, this is not my endo this is my primary 
care guy.  So I have used it about four more times and no problems.  I also 
keep my sites for a week.  Others on this list will disagree for whatever 
reasons and I respect their thoughts.  It is something you have to deal with 
on your own.  Don't listen to anyone, make the decision yourself for your own 
reasons.  That is just my story.

As a matter of fact my set is in my boob right now.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping
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