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Re: [IP] Question for diabetic women

There is a very good chance you could be pregnant. I have had many 
pregnancies, at least two of them without getting my period the month 
before. You do not necessarily have your period in order to ovulate.
You sure sound like you have the symptoms of pregnancy...so DON'T count it 
out. I also had a drop in my bgs during the first trimester through many of 
my pregnancies.
My Advice......>Go to your OB asap and have a blood test to see if you are 
pregnant. You can tell a lot earlier from a blood test.
Good Luck and keep us up to date!

>This past week I've been having severe lows (in the 30's) for no reason. I 
>also have had sore breasts, my back aches, and nausea. I'm occasionally 
>close to puking but have only done it twice. But I can't be pregnant as 
>I've not gotten my period and only had spotting. Thanks,
>    Pixie

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