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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #111

> > Having spent the majority of
> >puberty with grotesquely abnormal 
> >hormonal levels myself, I can say that 
> >your body does NOT like change.
> I was a hormonal wreck since age 11 and 
> on some sort of contraception since
> for the past 14 years to try make things 
> work the way they should.
Noggity, being put on oral estrogens and progestins 
helped even me out a LOT.  Made me a little less 
suicidal too.

> Physically I was told I was healthy 
> despite my youthful weird hormones
> (producting prolactin as a 14 yr old 
> was the worst!) 
Eeep!  I had a breif surge of that as a teenager, hurt 
like hell for some reason... Made me forever fearful of 
breast feeding (having inverted nipples doesn't help 

> so we're just seeing what I do off my 
> pregestrone and estrogen leash and 
> all sorta weird things are occuring. 
> We are trying to concieve tho. 
Good luck... I was told the odds of my: A) conceiving, 
let alone B) carrying a child to term were somewhere 
between slim and none.  But that's what adoption is for, 
there are over 6 billion people on the planet, I'm not 
so in love with my own genetic code that I can't simply 
adopt instead.  Besides I doubt I could deal with a 

> I am not a happy camper:) So 
> this is normal-ish? Yick!:)
Normal? I've ceased trying to define NORMAL.  This is 
just something to keep you entertained when the radio is 

> I have done Latin homework in the 40's. 
> This means occasionally the dog eats 
> Horatia and Scintilla prepares the dog 
> for dinner while Caesar devours trees. 
hahahah I have a habbit of spoonerizing... (swapping 
leading sounds of adjacent words).  So occasionally I 
tell my partner that I just "Sheal like fit..."

> My hi-lite this week was waking up from 
> a nap in with a 33 (after potato soup for 
> lunch, no less) and winding up feeding 
> my bed Pixie Stix ( I ran outta glucose tabs, 
> ate two boxes of them so far this week) 
I havn't had a supply of glucose tabs in over seven 
years.  If I'm going to eat sugar and have to deal with 
the yo-yo effect, I'm gonna at least ENJOY eating it.

> becuase I could barely find my mouth, 
> the cat cleaned up after me and bounced 
> around all nite:)
hahaha Reminds me of those scenes from "Airplane: The 
Movie" where someone mentions that the pilot has a 
drinking problem and in the next scene you see him try 
to drink a glass of orange juice through his forehead.

Besides, I thought cats just ricocheted off the walls by 
nature... I had a muted calico that would tear around 
the living room looking like a basketball player 
twisting and turning his way down the court, only she 
wasn't ACTUALLY trying to dodge anything... she was just 

-Sara G. :p

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