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Re: [IP] Rude Comment

> I realize you think I made a typo and 
> corrected it when I wrote my mom and
> dau. NO. 'tweren't no typo. I meant 
> my mom and daughter (it's too long to
> write daughter).
ah... as always... when you ASSume... my apologies...

> Son-in-law gets his *DM education* 
> from my dau, therefore, his comment 
> of "No one cares..." came *from* her.
My sister is an Army Medic, one would THINK she'd know 
better about these sorts of things, but appearantly they 
don't bother with chronic disorders, just what to do if 
you have to saw someone's leg off in the field or 

> I didn't even mention my father. I have a 
> father (85) and have had 3 stepfathers. 
> Never called anyone dad. 
Maybe I should give you one of mine, I've called two 
people dad.  Once I called my step-father dad in the 
presence of my birth-father... UH-OH... only made that 
mistake ONCE.

> My father left  when I was 6 mos. old 
> and stayed out of  my life. 
Yeah, my dad was an absent drunk till I was about ten.  
I mad to meet him like it was the first time.  Messy and 

> He became a preacher when I was 10 and the Lord
> forgave him but he doesn't feel he owes me any 
> apology. I know because I asked him point blank 3 
> times and 3 times he said *the Lord forgave me.*
My pop is agnostic and isn't worried about forgivness 
from any higher power.  I yelled at him once that he 
abandoned me and my sister when we were babies by bring 
a drunk, and he was abandoning me again by trying to 
pretend that I wasn't sick.  He just accused me of being 
"so *bleep*ing melodramatic just like your mother".  My 
sister probably had it harder because she's older and 
KNEW my dad when he was around and drunk.  I never 
recall my parents arguing until years later when he 
created some huge custody battle.

> He's in Calif. where *they accept anything 
> out here* and I'm in Indiana. 
I'm not AT ALL sure what to make of that comment... They 
accept dead-beat dads?  Having never been far outside 
California I don't have much to compare it to, but I 
doubt California is as liberal as most people make it 
out to be.  

Cases in point:  Prop 209 (End Affirmative Action -- yes 
I know that's a double edged sword), Prop 87 (I could be 
wrong on the number) (Deny public services like 
education to children of illegal immigrants), Prop 22 
(Refuse to recognise same-sex marriage even if legal in 
another state -- completely non-constitutional but hey 
CA can get away with anything, there are more people out 

Well the heck am I doing, I'm totally going off on a 

> He used to come here every other year 
> for Bible conferences and within 20
> miles of me but never let me know or 
> looked me up. His brother (my uncle) 
> kept me in the family.
My dad lives ONE HOUR away from me.  He's NEVER seen my 
apartment in the years that I've lived away from home. 
(despite invitations)

> It would be a curious thing to know if my 
> father had cared enough to be in my life 
> and not let Mom win in her punishment of him 
> by withholding my brother and me
I have to give my dad some slack... my mom did the same 
thing in using my sister and I as barganing chips with 
my dad (though so did he so forget giving him slack).

> I saw him at 10 when he left for CA but 
> that was only to ask Mom to not sue him 
> for back child support.
That's about the same age and reason why I got 
reintroduced to my birth father.  I mean I'd always been 
close to his side of the family (aunts, grandparents, 
etc...) but he was a little less present until my mom 
tried getting him to actually PAY his share of child 
support (which never wound up getting paid btw)

> And life goes on....
Yes, it does.  And all we can do is try not to make the 
same mistakes with our children, and pray that they do 
even better with theirs, and so on and so on...

-Sara G. (harboring SERIOUS issues with pop, hopefully 
to get 'em out in the open before he dies)

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