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[IP] Rude Comment

> > I am smart, outspoken, and UNlike my mom
> > and dad.  They just plain don't
> > want to be around me. I have an embarassing
> > *abnormality* and can speak out.
> > That's a nono.
> >
> God forbid, a woman with cajones (figuratively speaking)
> - -Sara G.

*Figuratively speaking*, yes - otherwise my figure would be ruined. LOL

I realize you think I made a typo and corrected it when I wrote my mom and
dau. NO. 'tweren't no typo. I meant my mom and daughter (it's too long to
write daughter). Son-in-law gets his *DM education* from my dau, therefore,
his comment of "No one cares..." came *from* her.

I didn't even mention my father. I have a father (85) and have had 3
stepfathers. Never called anyone dad. My father left when I was 6 mos. old
and stayed out of my life. He became a preacher when I was 10 and the Lord
forgave him but he doesn't feel he owes me any apology. I know because I
asked him point blank 3 times and 3 times he said *the Lord forgave me.*
He's in Calif. where *they accept anything out here* and I'm in Indiana. He
used to come here every other year for Bible conferences and within 20 miles
of me but never let me know or looked me up. His brother (my uncle) kept me
in the family.

It would be a curious thing to know if my father had cared enough to be in
my life and not let Mom win in her punishment of him by withholding my
brother and me and he would have seen the seriousness of my 8 years of
boils, sties, and carbuncles. He might have insisted I get medical care.
Would a penicillin shot have cured the 8 years of infections I got from my
stepfather and not destroyed my pancreas? He did attempt to see us when I
was 3 and 8. I saw him at 10 when he left for CA but that was only to ask
Mom to not sue him for back child support.

And life goes on....

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