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[IP] jessica/gymnastics/lows/etc.

> Sorry Ruth, I'm sure you could care less about Jessica's gymnastics!

it's ok nita...

>Now if only someone could explain to me why she is on such low
> doses of insulin, yet has a pretty good resistance to it accounting for
> high carb:insulin ratio.

I am guessing her exercise level.  if she is doing alot of gymnastics I
would imagine that this alone would drop her total usage.

>Was 62, had a tub of
> yogurt 15g, low fat, always works like magic to bring her up to the
> number with no lasting fat

boy,  I wish that geneva would use yogurt.  she still INSISTS on carrying
juicy juice boxes around   ( that inevitably get squished or lose the
straws!)...AND she never remembers to bolus for the extra 5 carbs which she
usually doesn't need when she hits 75-80.   she has been avoiding the life
savers because she feels the need for that instant thing with juice.  hates
dex tabs.


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