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RE: [IP] unsubscribe

Mr. Schroeppel,

Your message dated today and sent one minute before the following, 
one was received by me while I am at my regular job. (yes, admins do 
have another life).  I'm sorry that you were kept on the list for so long, 
but as of 11:14am EDT, you are no longer a member of the list.

George Lovelace
Mail to  HELP@insulin-pumpers.org  does work, if you are a little patient!

On 19 Apr 00, at 10:49, Kerry Schroeppel wrote:

> The reason people write to this address is because mail sent to HELP comes
> back as undeliverable.
> If I had a way to sue insulin pumpers for harrassment, I would.  This is
> crazy!

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