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Re: [IP] Re: Sara's mock pump

> I too made a pump. Only it wasn't for me. 
> My six year old was so curiuos and interested 
> in mine that I made it for him.  He also thinks 
> that the sole purpose of breasts are for 
> the insulin pump.  
When I was diagnosed I ask my doc about injecting into 
breast tissue because I figured it seemed like a 
plausible insertion site.  She just smiled and said, "I 
wouldn't recommend it."  So I have never done injections 
there. Have others?  I shudder at the thought (perhaps 
as much from psyching myself out as anything) but 
another whole area for site rotation would be a plus.  
Hrmm, I think I'll ask my current doc first in any 

-Sara G.

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