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[IP] msg to Ruth, sorry :)

Sorry Ruth, I'm sure you could care less about Jessica's gymnastics!  hehe I
must have had a brain fart there as I meant to direct that to Jenna's mom. 
Chalk it up to being at work and trying to do 50 things at once...did I get
any of them right?  LOL

Thanks Michael, for not seeing my daughter as odd (though she does have her
moments).  Now if only someone could explain to me why she is on such low
doses of insulin, yet has a pretty good resistance to it accounting for the
high carb:insulin ratio.  Wonder how much insulin she would be on if her
resistance wasn't so high???  Her total basal rate for a 24 hour period is
only 5.9 units.....So assuming she was the "standard" 1:40 ratio she would
be using only about 9 units a day?  And no, she isn't honeymooning, been
fighting this nasty disease for 7.7 years :(  I do have to say that pre pump
she used a whole lot more insulin.  For breakfast she used around 6 units of
Humalog, and that was mostly to bring down that horrible dawn phenomenon
morning number of 350+.

Had one of those weird lows last night also.  Jess changed her site, and
then went out to play.  She was the pitcher for a spontaneous game of
baseball on the street with all the 4th & 5th grade boys (remember she is in
2nd grade and weighs 45 lbs.  I thought she would get creamed!).  Anyway,
after playing about an hour she went low, no surprise.  Was 62, had a tub of
yogurt 15g, low fat, always works like magic to bring her up to the perfect
number with no lasting fat.  Well about 30 minutes and a hot bath later she
was down to 54.  Ate a bowl of cereal, 25g carbs and a cup of juice 15g.  30
minutes up to 96.  30 more minutes to 106.  This morning back to 54.  Ugg! 
Was it the excitement of playing with the boys :) or just the exercise?  She
doesn't do this on gymnastics practice nights, and I think that is much more
strenuous...who knows.

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.9 years & Jarred, 9

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