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Re: [IP] "Standard" carb:insulin measures and msg to Ruth

> I do not believe in the "standard" carb:insulin:weight ratio thingy.
>  It just does not apply to every child.  Also, the 1 unit per kilo
> of body weight as a "standard" does not apply to every child. 
> Jessica takes about 1/2 unit of insulin per kilo of body weight and
> where her "standard" insulin:carb ratio is supposed to be around
> 1:40, she is at 1:17 for breakfast and 1:20 the rest of the day. 
> She weighs 45 pounds and takes around 12-13 units of Humalog total a
> day.  So she does not fit the "standard" and I don't think Jenna
> does either :)  So do we just have odd children Ruth?  hehe

No, your children are not odd. The same oddities apply to adults as 
well. A couple of years ago I surveyed all the then members of the 
mail administration team for their total insulin useage and bolus 
ratios. All of these individuals had good control at the time and 
felt that their numbers were as accurate as they could make them. 
Comparing their numbers to the so-called "standards" that you would 
derive from the various charts, 450 rule, 1500 rule, etc.... the 
numbers varied by as much as 50% from the "standards". 

There is one rule which was followed exactly, that is "YMMV"

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