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[IP] geneva'a ratio and hypervigilance


both of us are very vigilant re: portions and carb counts.  our measuring
cup and scale are always on the counter for use and geneva is extremeley
careful with measuring her breakfast and foods with her friends.  at lunch
I measure everything  (I pack it) and perhaps some days she shares with
friends but she really has a handle on carb counts of all the 'junk' that is
passed around the table!

I wanted to add to my perplexion  (is this a word?) about the carb ratio
being so "off" from her insulin ratio.

if 1 unit drops her about 100 points...why then is she so sensitive to a
carb ratio of 1:20 ?  you would think it would work in reverse.

this is what I don't understand.

mom to geneva, age 11 now

>do, you pay more attention to the food Geneva eats
> or the amounts when you are making changes, than at other times?  I mean,
> not that you NEGLECT her other times, but are you hypervigilant

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