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[IP] First Days with pump

Congratulations on your exciting new life experience.  What I remember most 
the first day was a mixture of excitement and curiosity and maybe a little 
scared.   Mostly excitement....My daughter and I drive down to Birmingham 
(2 hours each way), spent about 1 hour with the Diabetes Educator and Dr. 
David Bell.   They set me up with a basal of 1.0 per hour at first.  I put 
my first infusion in, got the carb count book, asked how much for a piece 
of Godiva, as we were going to the Godiva store on the way home (bolus 2, I 
was told).   For the next week I couldn't get this smile off my face.   My 
bgs were pretty good.  While not perfect, certainly more stable than they 
had been in several years.   I remember holding on to my pump the first 
night in bed, afraid it would stop "ticking".   Using the 43" tubing 
prevented any tossing and turning problems.   I wear pants a lot and 
hooking the pump on the waistline is perfect, hooking in the pocket of 
jeans, everyone wears pagers and that is what everyone thinks it is.  Never 
had any problems with airlines, anything.  Told everyone that seemed 
interested.  Have turned two people on to pumps.   AHHHH, the freedom was 
worth everything.  It took forever for me to remember I didn't have to eat 
at a certain time.  That I could eat anything I wanted.  About a week after 
I had the pump, I remember going to a restaurant and deciding to not have a 
meal, but to just eat the dessert for lunch!   God, that was great!   There 
were some radical swings on occasion, but nothing like before, and I could 
bring highs down, and suspend and eat tabs if I went low.  Never had any 
real problems from day one.    Starting with a HbAic of about 14.  I am now 

Everyone is different, but I am betting you are going to love it so much, 
even with the basal adjustments you will undoubtedly face.   Watch out for 
fat and high glycemic items.  They will throw you a curve.  But your next 
letter to IP Group will be glowing, I am sure!

I gave up Chocolate for lent this year and am counting the days (4) until I 
can have another piece of Godiva (make that pieces)!!  Imagine, having 
given up sweets for so many years, being able to eat it again and becoming 
addicted to it...and being diabetic!!  Lordy, will people ever stop saying 
to me "Oh I thought you were diabetic and you can't eat that!?!?!?!"

Anyway, I will be thinking about you and wishing you smooth pumping! 
 Please keep us posted.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

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